The best way to keep your lights up in your home when the power is down is to get power generator.

The generators are tools that you really want to have when you live in an outage-prone area.
Some of the generators can be installed permanently in your house yard, and they can run on propane or on natural gas. Their biggest advantage is probably their running time, besides starting automatically and powering all of the household appliances and electronics. Most of them can run for at least one week when you will connect it on a 270-gallon tank of propane, and all your generators can run on natural gas since that feature is provided by the manufacturers.

Compared with others, a portable generator can spend a gallon of fuel for every hour of work when it’s running on peak capacity, so will need to provide a lot of gallon of gas to be functional.

If you want to enjoy the luxury of uninterrupted power, bear in mind that you won’t get it cheaply. Home standby generators can be found for a price from $2000 to $4000 in our ratings, and believe me; you will spend more money on installation. If you can’t decide what kind of generator to purchase, and whether it’s going to be the right for your home, we are here to help you out.

It’s much easier than it seems, and it is a great investment to be made because of many reasons.

• On first place comes safety – You really don’t have to mess around with power cords and gasoline. You should always look to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, and CO poisoning.

• Second, convenient – the power will be automatically restored to some critical systems such as A/C, fridge, water, and the entire house.

• Third, but not the least important, value – This kind of generators is an investment that will pay for itself every time the power goes down. They also deliver the cleanest power for sensitive appliances in your house.

I strongly recommend you, if you are interested in purchasing a home generator, to get Briggs & Stratton 40445 8kw which comes with a 50-amp automatic transfer switch. This generator includes a 50-amp switch for transferring power with flexible indoor and outdoor installation. It has been made from Galvanneal steel, which is used in the automotive industry for longer durability. The pretty good thing about it is the warranty which is 4 years on labor, parts, and travel.

This generator is probably one of the most powerful generators, which comes in the smallest footprint, and it’s keeping your home appliances more than any other generator in its class when the power goes down. It has advanced powder coat paint that can be gained through a process which results in many years of protection against abrasions and chips.

You can install this generator as close as 18” from your house. They are in command with the Fire Protection Agency standard 37. In the beginning, it might be confusing which one to buy, but Briggs & Stratton are going to be there on every step you make.

As a cheaper alternative, you could get away with any of the following solar powered generators, it all depends on how much power your household needs.